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git:master:5a0086fb: topoh: more verbose debug messages when decoding r-uri 0 replies Development
git:master:420fa5e5: core: cfg.lex - removed redundant token defining max_branches 0 replies Development
git:master:3647cc1a: app_jsdt: implemented kemi KSR.pv.getw(...) 0 replies Development
git:master:cb97be77: app_sqlang: added KSR.pv.getw(...) 0 replies Development
Re: deb.kamailio.org bionic 2 replies Users
Re: Help on how to debug cfg_get variable having unexpected value? 1 reply Users
Re: Kamailio sends SIP messages to old websocket after reconnection during call 1 reply Users
Re: JSON RPC Error: LUMP_RPL_BODY already added! 1 reply Users
Re: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise acquires majority stake in Sipwise 0 replies Users
git:master:abf6039d: app_python3: added KSR.pv.getw(...) 0 replies Development
git:master:e8b434f1: app_python: added KSR.pv.getw() to kemi expors 0 replies Development
git:master:115fa38f: app_python: added KSR.pv.getw(...) 0 replies Development
Re: Set arbitrary destination port for outgoing request/reply 1 reply Development
git:master:c3e36a1e: app_lua: kemi - exported KSR.pv.getw("$...") 0 replies Development
Re: Build Kamailio with MariaDB failed. 2 replies Users
git: new commits in branch 5.1 0 replies Development
git:master:066f0e8c: core: kemi - remove unused variable from method check helper 0 replies Development
git:master:3b3302e4: core: kemi - return bool for method test functions 0 replies Development
Re: Build Kamailio with MariaDB failed. 5 replies Users
git:master:7c912517: core: kemi - use uppercase method value in helper function names 0 replies Development
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