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Re: Siremis - can't add carrier without prefix/suffix 1 reply Users
git:master:4447dc86: core: parser contact - removed history, updated log macros 0 replies Development
Re: append_branch and tls 1 reply Users
Re: sdp extra \r\n in multipart body 1 reply Users
Re: Siremis - can't add carrier without prefix/suffix 3 replies Users
git:master:804f9e85: kex: documentation for core.modules rpc command 0 replies Development
Re: Documenation of functions exported for KEMI 0 replies Users
Re: Converting to kemi 0 replies Users
git:master:5ead6c08: core: digest parser - converted old log macros 0 replies Development
git:master:1121ee05: core: added rpc command core.modules 0 replies Development
git:master:4072b0f9: core: parser - use case insensitive comparison to get header by name 0 replies Development
git:master:bf97c8ac: pv: small adjustments for {s.corehash} transformation 0 replies Development
git:master:afc678e9: dialog: documentation for dlg_set_ruri() 0 replies Development
git:master:87ca7a1b: dialog: added dlg_set_ruri() 0 replies Development
Re: UAC reg_random_delay issue 1 reply Users
Re: Kamailio not listening on TLS port (5061) 1 reply Users
git:master:893c68d5: pv: implemented {uri.scheme} transformation 0 replies Development
Re: On the fly Change 0 replies Users
Re: Siremis Install: Unable to write in the session save path (CentOS 6) 0 replies Users
Re: UAC reg_random_delay issue 3 replies Users
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