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git:master:43f91aa7: path: fixed the name of the parameter in enable_r2 example 0 replies Development
git:master:e1df9208: pv: new variables - $RAu and $RAut 0 replies Development
git:master:55b5b354: pv: $RAp returns also the int value for advertised port when available 0 replies Development
git:master:aa9129b7: core: parser - get_rcv_socket_uri() with option to use advertised address 0 replies Development
git:master:adeab30b: pv: new variables - $Ru and $Rut 0 replies Development
git:master:a6d405b1: path: fix for second path insert pointer 0 replies Development
git:master:1984d4a0: core: parser - helper function to return URI format for local rcv socket 0 replies Development
git:master:8f242cfb: path: documentation for enable_r2 and received_format parameters 0 replies Development
git:master:e518e5e7: rr: small formatting adjustments to doc examples 0 replies Development
git:master:9c9da879: core: remove inline from implementation of functions declared without it 0 replies Development
git:master:2c62b317: path: option to add two path headers and use alias like received value 0 replies Development
git:master:a69a5135: core: mem/fm - replaced old log macros 0 replies Development
Re: How to forward DTMF (in RTP package) to conference within SEMS 0 replies Users
Re: presence: subsription double delete fix 0 replies Development
git:5.0:8038327f: htable: do not call expired event route on get/add operations 0 replies Development
Re: Kamilio doesn't start up with pymongo in the Kemi Python script.. 0 replies Users
Re: Print current route 1 reply Users
git:master:c8f7be02: corex: added $cfg(route) - return name of routing block for crt action 0 replies Development
git:master:c3212783: core: added function to return route block name from crt action 0 replies Development
Re: auth users using inmemory lookups 0 replies Users
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