What are aliases for?

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What are aliases for?

Dan Austin
So something like this will do what I want?

  if (!lookup("location") and !lookup("aliases")) {
      sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

# forward to current uri now
  if (!t_relay()) {

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I hope to update the admin's guide this week and it should include information on how to set up aliases. Basically,
we use another "location" table to translate aliases to canonical usernames. The aliases can be maintained via the serctl utilitity, provided SQL persistency is turned on (otherwise they are gone on reboot).


At 11:38 PM 12/5/2002, Dan Austin wrote:

>My guess based on reading the developers and admin guides is that an
>account could be aliased to a DID number, or internal extension.
>In testing it doesn't seem to work that way.  With two accounts, on a
>Cisco IP phone and the other on MSN client, calls can be placed based
>on the SIP account name, but not the alias.
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