Sec agree support in P-CSCF modules

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Sec agree support in P-CSCF modules

Tsvetomir Dimitrov

I am working on Kamailio based IMS setup. During testing I noticed that the UE sends unprotected register, challenge is returned but after that the UE doesn't attempt to send REGISTER with authentication data.

I believe this happens due to the lack of support of sec-agree extension in Kamailio. After a short google search I found this thread:

After that I spoke with miconda in IRC, he confirmed that no one works on this and suggested to ask  for help in this mail list.

So in nutshell - I believe without this feature (correct me if I am wrong) a real UE can't attach to Kamailio based IMS setup. I am willing to work on it, but I need some guidance.

Is there someone willing to help me with advice how to fit this feature in the whole project?

At the moment my concerns are:

- Is this feature really needed in real LTE network?
- Is there a vision how this feature should be implemented in the Kamailo landscape? E. g. as separate module, as part of ims_usrloc_pcscf / ims_registrar_pcscf? What ipsec library to use?

Best regards,

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