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Jiri Kuthan-3
At 05:39 PM 12/6/2002, MANSOOR Usama FTRD/DMR/LON wrote:

>>> My last question/issue is about dependancies.  When I started working with SER
>>> I already had MySQL install, version 3.23.36 I believe.  I could not get the MySQL
>>> portion integration to work, and found that permissions were not correctly granted.
>>> After manually correcting the permissions, I had errors about the communications
>>> between SER and MySQL.  I updated MySQL to the latest stable release and
>>> client programs, and the integration worked with no manual intervention.
>> I personaly use 3.23.52 for development, but I am sure that 3.23.36 works, we use it.
>> What kind of communication error did you get ? Could you send me some error logs ?  
>I've also had similiar trouble regarding the permissions. I've installed v3.23.52 of MySQL, and run the script, but get the following error message:
>Dec  6 14:50:42 localhost /usr/sbin/ser[4766]: connect_db(): Access denied for user: 'user at localhost.localdomain' (Using password: YES)
>Dec  6 14:50:42 localhost /usr/sbin/ser[4766]: db_init(): Error while trying to connect database
>When I check the permissions I see the following:
>mysql> select * from user;
>Where both 'ser' and 'serro' have no privileges at all.

I guess that's ok -- the user database just tells that these user have no
general privileges to change any database. They are granted permissions
for accessing ser database in the 'db' table.

I have no clue where the error might live. Try manual login using
mysql with the same username and password to get closer to the