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Dan Austin
The log was overwritten, but the general format was along these lines:
ser (error reading communications packet)
serro (error reading communications packet)

repeated 3~6 times per attempt to logon with a client, or make changes
through SERWeb.

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On 04-12 09:57, Dan Austin wrote:
> I don't have docbook, but I can look into it.

  That is not a problem, It was just an idea, simply write in your
  favorite editor.
> One of my concerns about attempting to write this is that I'm still
> learning the process.  Another is that I only have the one server
> running RedHat, so the steps will be oriented that way, at least to
> start.


> I will integrate you're suggestions and provide another update
> shortly.

  Thank you very much !

> My last question/issue is about dependancies.  When I started working
> with SER I already had MySQL install, version 3.23.36 I believe.  I
> could not get the MySQL portion integration to work, and found that
> permissions were not correctly granted. After manually correcting the
> permissions, I had errors about the communications between SER and
> MySQL.  I updated MySQL to the latest stable release and client
> programs, and the integration worked with no manual intervention.

 I personaly use 3.23.52 for development, but I am sure that 3.23.36 works, we use it.
 What kind of communication error did you get ? Could you send me some error logs ?  

> This prompts me to want to include a section about software that SER
> depends on, or can leverage, and identify the minimum revision known
> to work.  For this section I would need feedback about what has worked
> for others, as it failed for me with MySQL 3.23.36 and worked with
> 3.23.56, but I am sure there is a version inbetween. It may have also
> been a problem with the client programs and libraries.  I
> unfortunately do not have the resources to test all combinations, so
> if people care to send me a note with what versions they have
> installed, I can digest it into a recommendation section.

  3.23.36 works for us, but we set the permissions in a little bit different way
  (not by the ser_mysql script), but at least communication between ser and mysql seems
  to work fine.  

    regards, Jan.

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