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Branch 5.1 created

Daniel-Constantin Mierla-6

the GIT branch 5.1 has just been created, it will host the release
series 5.1.x. To get this branch from GIT, you can use:

  git clone kamailio
  cd kamailio
  git checkout -b 5.1 origin/5.1

Hopefully in two-three weeks time frame the full release of 5.1.0 will
be out.

From now on, any corresponding fix has to be pushed first to master
branch and then cherry-picked to branch 5.1. No new features can get in
branch 5.1. Enhancements to documentation or helping tools, as well as
kemi exports are still allowed. If you are not sure about doing or not a
backport, ask on sr-dev mailing list.


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